Patient Transformations

While every orthodontic patient is unique, we treat every one with the same care and respect. We strive to make you happy, and deliver the smile you always dreamed of. Here you’ll find examples of our work complete with a photo before treatment, and a photo following treatment.

Amber S.

Amber S. had teeth that could not come in due to constricted upper jaw. Damon braces were utilized to transform her smile. Amber is as sweet as they come.

Dennis G.

Dennis G. had a hard time chewing with his existing bite. This was due to an anterior openbite, where some of the front teeth are unable to touch. Together we brought the teeth together and Dennis was equally pleased with the esthetic change.

Angela S.

Angela S. is our pageant royalty. She has an award-winning smile and the personality to go with it.

Justin R.

Justin R. had a space between his front teeth that always bothered him. In addition he had a crossbite of his back teeth. Those issues are now in the past.

Emily P.

Emily P. is a very sweet young lady. She lacked room for the proper eruption of her teeth. We used Damon Braces on Emily to create this beautiful and full smile.

Robert K.

Robert K. presented with a narrow upper jaw and crowding. Robert was about the perfect teammate for a challenging problem. It is fun to see the changes.

Jason W.

Jason W. is a very talented athlete who presented with crowded teeth and an overbite (dental overjet). Jason was an awesome teammate who did a great job wearing elastics for a fantastic result.