Williams Orthodontics

Oral Hygiene Tips

B R A C E Yourself

Keeping those teeth really clean with braces is……. EASY!

Simply follow the suggestions in the acronym below…..its EASY to remember….. and you will have that healthy smile you desire before, during and after orthodontic treatment!

B – Brush after every meal! Food has the tendency to “stick” to braces (and teeth without braces).

When leftover food remains on your teeth, it can cause bad breath, unsightliness, staining, and even cavities! Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal to avoid any of those potential issues. We would optimally like you to brush three times per day.

R – Regular cleanings. It is important, whether you have braces or not, to see your general dentist every six months. Your dentist will make sure that you are getting to all of those “nooks and crannies” while you are brushing at home and remove any plaque that may be present along with ensuring there are no potential cavities.

A – Be assertive & not aggressive when brushing! A greater brushing pressure is required when appliances (braces) are on the teeth. Though you want to be thorough, don’t “scrub”your teeth and gums too hard. Your gum tissue is very important and we don’t want to “scrub them away!”

C – Cut back on those sugary foods and drinks. Sugar, when combined with your saliva, can create a strong and destructive acid that can damage your teeth. Eat more fruit and fiber. Fruits and foods with fiber (like bread, cereal, etc.) provide needed vitamins that are essential to prevent gum disease and unhealthy teeth.

E – Evaluate your work. When you have completed your brushing and flossing, be sure to look closely in a mirror to assure you have not missed anything.

S – Supplies! Dr. Williams will make sure to supply you with all of the proper supplies (and knowledge how to use them) which are needed to properly clean your teeth during your orthodontic treatment!

Told you it was easy!