Williams Orthodontics

Insignia Advanced Smile Design

What is the Insignia System?

Insignia is a 100% customized bracket and wire system. This system couples the tooth moving power of fixed appliances (braces) with the efficiency of computer aided treatment planning. The appliances are manufactured to each and every patient’s specific teeth. Insignia enhances your orthodontic experience by prescribing precise bracket placement and manufacturing patient-specific, customized braces and wires based on the treatment plan created by Dr. Williams. This combination results in unmatched efficiency and comfort by greatly reducing treatment variables.

Why the Insignia System?

Historically braces are prefabricated to “average teeth.” Because no teeth are exactly alike, all teeth differ from what one would call average. These differences are addressed by the artistic expression of wire adjustments by the orthodontist. It is a system that takes time. Insignia eliminates a lot of these variables by making every bracket and wire specific to the tooth they are placed on. This makes the treatment quicker and more comfortable.

Clinically Proven Advantages

 Outstanding results for smiles and overall facial aesthetic appeal

 Quick treatment time and fewer office visits

 Phenomenal comfort with no tightening

 No painful headgear or tooth extractions in most cases

 Easy to maintain and keep clean